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Making Prebend Two-Way for Bikes

Local residents have outlined a proposal to make Prebend Gardens two-way for bike.   As we await the plans from the London Boroughs of Hammersmith &Fulham and Hounslow to amend the proposals for a Cycle Superhighway along Chiswick High Road, we have an opportunity to submit ideas to make the cycling infrastructure around it work better for Residents.  

A key point of discussion at recent Stamford Brook drinks has been finding ways to make cycling into Chiswick and Hammersmith better for all ages of cyclist and, in particular, how to make better links with what is proposed for the High Street.


While cycle access along the Bath Road is good (if slighly scary when the traffic is racing), the main point of contention is getting in and out of Prebend Gardens.  Currently, all traffic, including cycles, has to turn left at the top of Prebend and can't legally head into Chiswick without dismounting and crossing the road. At the same time, when returning from Chiswick no traffic can turn into Prebend as it is a one-way street and the curb is designed to make it very difficult to turn into. 





The proposal is for a new cycle access at the end of Prebend Gardens onto and off Chiswick High Road.  The proposal also allows for a protected cycle crossing of the High Road, with a gap in the proposed kerb seperating the new cycle lane to allow cylists to access the new cycle lane easily from Prebend.

While the proposal is mainly for a painted lane for most of Prebend south of the railway viaduct, the proposal also suggests a protected lane with a kerb on the road under the archway for northbound cyclists.






The final proposal is for a new northbound cycle lane across the existing pavement on Goldhawk Road - to replace the awkward cycle lane painted on the pavement around a tree next to the petrol station.

This will allow cycles much simpler access to the roads north of Stamford Brook Common for anyone cycling down Goldhawk Road when returning on a cycle from the River or from Hammersmith.









 A Cycle Lane Against The Traffic On A One-Way Street?

This isn't as odd as it first sounds.  There is a growing fashion among road planners to install cycle lanes in one-way streets that allow cyclists to travel against the vehicle traffic (see pictures at the bottom of the article). 

There are various examples of one way streets which allow cycles to go in both directions in Hounslow and LB H&F.  See illustrations below.



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